About us

As one of the fastest growing cities, Dubai is internationally recognised as a world-class business hub. From humble beginnings to a centre for global commerce, Dubai's evolution has been accelerated by its core pillars of logistics, trade, tourism, and mobility, from creeks to ports, from desert to airports, from souks to free zones. Falcon and Associates was established in 2009 to share Dubai's story through connecting people, businesses, institutions, and government entities within the emirate and in key markets around the world.

As part of our mandate, we create, host, deliver, and support world-class initiatives and events that form a key part of Dubai’s unique landscape, while communicating the city’s story.

Falcon and Associates

Strategic Pillars

Falcon and Associates fulfils its mandate
through three unified pillars:


We organise and support the delivery of world-class sports-focused events. Under our remit is the full organisation and delivery of the Dubai Desert Classic and the Dubai Moonlight Classic. We also work with and support the delivery of the Emirates Dubai 7s, the Dubai Horseracing Season and the Dubai World Cup, as well as other strategic events that align with Dubai’s vision.

Projects & Initiatives


2. Projects and Initiatives: We work with governmental entities and leading Dubai based corporations on cutting edge projects and initiatives of strategic importance. The Dubai Business Associates (DBA) programme, which Falcon owns and manages, offers comprehensive training on strategy, business and leadership coupled with a multidimensional curriculum, helping drive sustainable value. Former projects and initiatives run by Falcon include RewirEd Summit, Dubai Week in China, as well as Dubai’s successful bid to host Expo 2020.

Marketing & Communications


Through an international in-house team and consultants, we work on comprehensive and targeted PR, Marketing and Communications campaigns for government entities and key partners, as well as our own events and initiatives. This drives the story of Dubai and return on investment to key stakeholders, while reaching new audiences.

These pillars are guided by key thematics that are aligned with dubai and its key stakeholders' narratives and priorities, Including:
Key Thematics Key Thematics